Couille Noire's maps

Bunny Track Maps for UT 1999

These are the official versions of my maps
Those marked with (*) are only as contributor
I cannot list all the maps I have contributed to though :)

Release date : 27 nov 2014

This is the classic BT version of this map.
I have changed a lot of stuff to make the map rushable
whereas the BT+ version was more for discovery and really
hot stuff.

Build time : 2 days (Modifications and enhancements)

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 21 nov 2014

Stargate SG-1 was one of my favorite TV series.
The story is the sequel of the movie where they found the first Stargate buried in the egyptian desert.
This stargate was leading to Abydos, a planet far away.
The military crew sent there finds out that the egyptian mythology was based on a simple fact: Egyptian gods were aliens called Goa'ulds.
In the series, they also find out that there are many stargates leading to different places in the universe.
This map is my tribute to this fantastic sci-fi adventure.

Build time : 7 days

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 19 oct 2014

Map celebrating i4Games 10th anniversary
First map since 3 years!

Build time : 3 days

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 17 mar 2011

Epic map where I had fun making fake adds and adding
some details and monsters. It is named after my new company.
There are in fact two ways of capturing it : the normal way
and the Monster Hunt Way
The Monster Hunt way is only accessible one time per match and per side.
Simply jump into the first pit and find a concrete hole.

Build time : 1 week

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 10 feb 2011

This is a map about Junkie and his son both playing on
i4Games. It's also to thank all the trustees about their
work and dedication.

Build time : 4 days

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 24 jan 2011

There are three clues in this map.
You need to resolve at least 1 (it's like a riddle) to cap.
The other 2 lead to secret easier passages.

Build time : 4 days

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 8 jan 2011

Never say never again
Happy new year map :)

Build time : 4 days

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 28 dec 2009

Compilation of maps
Probably my last map

Build time : 2 days

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 18 sep 2009

Map made for rush
It turned out to be not so ugly as I anticipated
At least, it conformed with the map name :)

Build time : 0.5 day from scratch

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 31 aug 2009

Not a very difficult map but a hard "quick jumps" room.

Build time : 1.5 days from scratch

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 19 aug 2009

Completely different style than the first map
but same purpose. This time it only seems capturable
with multiple players. I suppose it will be capped one day though :)

Build time : 1 day from scratch

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 11 aug 2009

25 room map made for duelling rush.
Since it's a rush map, it's not very hard.
You cannot die in this map.
Alternative ways in one of the rooms.
One room with shortcuts (yours to discover).
Hoping the flow is good (it should be :) ).

Build time : 3 days from scratch

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 29 jun 2009

The return of "HopHop" some years later

Build time : 1 day from scratch

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 29 mai 2009

Quite a fun map mixing themes
I made some extra decorations for once :)

Build time : 2 days from scratch

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 17 may 2009

Simple rush map built while having fun with my daughter

Build time : 2 hours from scratch

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 23 apr 2009

I wanted to make a low grav map in space
The first name that came up was "Pure Space" but I thought it was a bit too common.
Then when I had to make the start and end rooms,
I thought about spacecrafts and all this Star Trek
mithology which I like so much :)

Build time : 10 hours from scratch

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 21 apr 2009

Remake of the 2005 map
Fixed many things, added proper lighting and deco
Fixed very big shortcut at the end room

Re-Build time : 8 hours

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 15 apr 2009

Four rooms map

Build time : 3 hours from scratch

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 22 mar 2009

Known as "the typo map" ;)
Made for rushers
Descent into a freshly found egyptian thumb

Build time : 1 day from scratch

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 21 feb 2009

Discover a hidden and misterious underground factory.
Ten barrels are needed to get to the end.

Build time : 3 days from scratch

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 31 dec 2008

Happy New Year map

Build time : 1 day from scratch

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 1 nov 2008

Very simple map made for Halloween.
Beware the pumpkin!

Build time : 1 hour from scratch

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 21 oct 2008

As its name does not indicate, it's a rush map.
Basic mapping, no really new stuff but ok to play.

Build time : 4 hours from scratch

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 6 oct 2008

I finished this map on a strike day in Belgium.
Lots of small shortcuts.

Build time : 1 day from scratch

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 9 may 2008

Cry freedom.

Build time : 2.5 days from scratch

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 2 may 2008

Easy version :)

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 2 may 2008

Build time : 2 days from scratch

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 24 mar 2008

Not much to say about this map

Build time : About 30 minutes

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 22 mar 2008

Happy Easter 2008!

Nine keys in total
Build time : About 1 days

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 23 dec 2007

Happy New Year 2008!

Made is quite easy I hope :)
Twenty keys in total
One of them is hidden in "The Big Hall"
Read the signs!
Build time : About 1.5 days

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 22 nov 2007

This map includes parts of JohnTheFriendlyGhost, Vagalam!, Vandal, Bricky, EnemyMine, WormholeXtreme and Uncapturable.
All difficulties have been reviewed to be a bit easier than original maps. Some rooms have been slightly changed and some others added. There's a trick to pass the "EnemyMine" part without cratering. While I have nearly no time left for mapping, I thought it would be nice to have a recapitulation map.
Enjoy :)

Build time : About 2 days on and off

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 1 nov 2007

Find the fastest way to get the required 145 keys

Build time from scratch : 2 days

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 21 sep 2007

Mountain and mine environment for this quite easy map. First time I experimented with terrain in UEd.

Build time from scratch : 4 days

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 8 sep 2007

For the younger people who never played Doom, it was the 3D game that started all. Of course, there was Wolfenstein 3D before that but the ambiance of Doom was really something new and addictive at the time. From a technical point of view, Doom was not a "real 3D" game. Every room was on the same level so it was impossible to make rooms going under or over other rooms. The game was played through keyboard only because mouses hardly existed at that time. Believe it or not but you could not even jump in that game. As internet was only in its infancy, the games were mainly played solo. The lan parties technical setup was near to "geek mode" because the network hardware was not really what it is today. That was good old times though :)

I always wanted to make a tribute map to this game which means a lot to my gamer life. The "Boss Room" ambiance and design is really like what you could find at the end of Doom. I am quite satisfied with it and I had lots of pleasure creating it although it's very simple using nowadays mapping techniques.
BT+ allowed a more realistic setup for the map which needed to be non-linear. I tried to find a Doom Trooper model for the keys but it seems there are none, unless for UT2004.

Doom will always live in my memory.

Build time from scratch : 1 week

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 7 sep 2007

For StarGate fans :)

Build time from scratch : 4 days

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 7 sep 2007

Journey into imagination.
Not really themed.
Named on the walls textures.

Build time from scratch : 4 days

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 31 may 2007

Easier version of Megalomap

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 24 may 2007

Map based on a joke with the Gwen Stefani song.
This map is full of sugar! :)

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 24 apr 2007

This was made for John whose nick is Ghost.
Funny map where a ghost gives you instructions.

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 21 apr 2007

Nice rush map.

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 17 apr 2007

Players can help each other in this map.
There are buttons with cameras so one
player can open a door to another player.
However these easy paths take much longer
than the normal way.

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 8 mar 2007

Ancient and mysterious.
Some new traps and dodges.
For the statues room, shoot the center of halos in the
following order (and quickly) :
Top right, bottom left, bottom right, top left.

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 26 jan 2007

I tried here to make a short map almost impossible to capture

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 22 jan 2007

Compilation of the following maps :
KeskisPath, SixteenYards, Happy2007, JvnkieStyle, MegaloMap,
Troudbal, NomDeZeus, NineEleven, Vesuvio, Emma, GlupaPichka,
Oufti, NeverStopMoving, NewtonChicks, BouletLand, Bunnycula.

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 19 jan 2007

Small map mainly featuring shooting
in combination with other moves as falling,
lift-jumping, quick jumping and swimming.

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 15 jan 2007

Easier version of Sixteen Yards.

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 6 jan 2007

Right out of my wildest imagination came this map.
Sixteen yards full of BT challenges monitored
from an old mansion by a guardian.
Will you dare to defy the beast ?

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 30 dec 2006

Happy new year map :)

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 18 dec 2006

BTized classic DM map

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 6 dec 2006

BTized classic DM map

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 21 nov 2006

Very easy map made for Jvnkie.
Junky textures and lights ...

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 19 nov 2006

Huge map with 22 rooms.
Post-industrial ambiance.

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 12 nov 2006

35 keys hidden in a dark maze.

Difficulty rating :

Release date : 9 nov 2006

Very small map showing the tumb of Troudbal I.

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 29 oct 2006

Simple straight through map with great flow.

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 20 oct 2006

An easier version of 9/11

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 18 sep 2006

Very easy map with check points.
You cannot crater in this map.

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 12 sep 2006

My tribute to 9/11
There's a trick for the third key explained here :

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 7 sep 2006

Very small map but quite smart timing
to pass some rooms.

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 31 aug 2006

Emma is the daughter of Flamingo and MadDog
I made this lego based map to celebrate this event.
I should have done it sooner but I waited to find
new ideas after having made IndySara.
Quite a tricky map. I also used the latest features
of the i4games BTScripts which worked quite fine.
I made the keys myself if you ask :P

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 29 aug 2006

Map made through croatian friendship :)
Features a lot of hard dodges at the beginning.
There's also a nice fall in the dark.

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 01 jul 2006

Easy version of CouilleCastle-SE.
Find the 13 keys and capture.
All difficulties have been lowered.
The memory maze must be done only one way.

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 25 jun 2006

Twelve keys to find in this very easy map.

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 24 jun 2006

Easy version of Oufti.
It uses the new i4Games BTScripts showing the keys.

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 17 jun 2006

Ten keys map.
Travel through 3 levels of difficulties to reach the flag.

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 5 jun 2006

Map based on movement. If you stop too long you die.
Quite a difficult map as you must be fast and precise.
I made it quite short for this reason.

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 29 may 2006

There are 6 keys in this variable gravity level
defying the Newton law.
Three keys are obvious and 3 are hidden near a sign.

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 11 may 2006

There are 5 keys in this level.
Two are obvious and 3 are hidden.
Look at the monitors to have a view on hidden keys.
Quite easy map. Small shortcuts available for rushers.

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 8 may 2006

Bunnycula, the horrible vampire rabbit has hidden five
skull keys in his horrific lair.

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 2 may 2006

Compilation of maps

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 27 apr 2006

A colorful map.

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 26 apr 2006

A short map designed so a majority of people can capture.
Very interesting to rush.
I personally like the flag room :)

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 14 apr 2006

Easy version.
All difficulties have been lowered.

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 14 apr 2006

Puzzle map.
Time and space adventure between two worlds : Dark Age Europe and Egypt.
There are hidden keys to finish this level.

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 14 mar 2006

Three titan keys to find and a fight against mantas.

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 05 feb 2006

Special edition with new BTScripts on 2006-06-28.
Find the 13 keys and capture.
Very long semi-hard map to capture.
Medieval castle in the middle of nowhere.

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 11 jan 2006

Map to celebrate the birth of Indy Sara, daughter
of Vitae and Summie, two i4Games trustees.
Map for rushers.

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 9 jan 2006

Slaloming on water or flying in low gravity to get the keys needed.
Nice waterfall slope!

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 6 jan 2006

Another great map demonstrating the usage of BT+ keys.
Three dodge walls in the same room !

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 5 jan 2006

Trying to emulate the famous 80's arcade game.
Very funny to play.

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 26 dec 2005

Small map but quite difficult.
Cavern ambiance.

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 8 dec 2005

Tower in a strange world.
Find all the keys to capture.

Difficulty rating :
(*) CTF-BT+(i4g)CommunityMap2005-v2
Release date : 8 dec 2005

Community map on the Xmas theme.
Mappers : utdemon, Bob001, Clutch, Infernoxide, Khenbu, CouilleNoire.
First map released with BT+.
You can do the rooms in whichever order you want.
You have to have all 6 mappers trees to enter the capture room.

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 29 oct 2005

Answer questions to gain access to next level. BT+ edition.

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 27 oct 2005

Easier version of SmartBunny. BT+ edition.
Special edition with new BTScripts on 2006-06-27.
No time limit to answer.
"History" has been replaced by "Famous People".

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 20 oct 2005

Map based on jumping with boots.
Small map but fun.

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 12 oct 2005

Map explaining how to pass difficulties and then
applying what you have learnt.
You must master the first version of Academy before
playing this one. This is harder tricks.

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 8 oct 2005

Map explaining how to pass difficulties and then
applying what you have learnt.

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 22 sep 2005

Easy version of Cube.

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 21 sep 2005

Very hard map based on the movie "Cube".
Free adaptation ;)

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 18 sep 2005

Two ways to play this map.
An easy way where you can cap in about 1 min
A hard way wher you can cap in about 30 sec

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 16 sep 2005

Easy version of Portnawak.
You can still die though ...

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 15 sep 2005

A fun map with some nice movers and a very hard side dodge :x

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 11 sep 2005

Compilation of the following maps (by order of appearance) :
TheBigFall, Delirium, Inca, HopHop, DellaMorte, MegaLaby, Frogger,
Dodgy, Mooba, Condominium, FatBunny, UltraNoob, Anaphilactic.
Released on my 39th birthday :P

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 9 sep 2005

Find your way in the dark.

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 9 sep 2005

Transluscent labyrinth with mover.
You have to find the boots to be able to cap.

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 26 aug 2005

Map based on the 80's arcade game "Frogger".
Lots of details into it.

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 23 aug 2005

As the name indicates, very easy map.

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 21 aug 2005

This map is very well polished in design.
Four levels of traps for you, little rats. :)

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 18 aug 2005

Easy version of Delirium.
Many difficulties have been lowered.
Average players should be able to cap it.

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 15 aug 2005

Sliding on ice, lift jumping, side and shoot
are what you can find on this mega map.
I really spent some time polishing it up and the result is very nice.
The room before the last room is very difficult.
That's mainly why I rated it D9.

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 9 aug 2005

Map featuring outside jumps, elevator jump,
synchronized quick jumps and more.
Nice music too :)

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 6 jul 2005

This map has three identical rooms.
The first one is lit normally, the second one is
a bit darker and the third one is almost completely
black (even if you shoot).

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 1 jul 2005

Peculiar 2 rooms map with rotating movers at
the beginning. The second room is mainly composed
of bouncing movers.

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 30 jun 2005

If you like dodges, this is the map you need ;)

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 29 jun 2005

Very nice looking waterfall for this map where you
have to make about a hundred jumps to reach the flag

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 28 jun 2005

A journey down to the center of the earth and back up.
Very nice fall and lava room.

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 24 jun 2005

A BT map with high gravity.

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 19 jun 2005

A BT map where there are a lot of dodges.
You cannot die in the second and third room.
The third room needs to be passed in one go.

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 10 jun 2005

Very nice BT map on egyptian theme.
Many difficulties are based on the limits of what a player can do in UT.
You cannot die in the map after the first fall unless you are really unlucky.
This map contains a slightly modified compilation of the egyptian kings tumbs
series I have made. See maps hereunder.

Difficulty rating :
CTF-BT-(CN)Merdos-i4g (Merdos Tumb)
Release date : 30 may 2005

This BT map is very small and yet annoying to death. :)
A fall with two tiny holes.
Thanks to Medic for the lighting.
You can grab an easier version with only one hole here.

Difficulty rating :
CTF-BT-(CN)Emmerdophis-v2 (Emmerdophis Tumb)
Release date : 11 jun 2005

This BT map collects some tricky difficulties. Yet very nice to play.
You cannot die after the slope slide at start.

Difficulty rating :
CTF-BT-(CN)Tarlouz-v2 (Tarlouz Tumb)
Release date : 10 may 2005

This BT map seems easy when you look at it.
It containts very annoying limit jumps and sides. :)

Difficulty rating :
CTF-BT-(CN)Arrieris (Arrieris Tumb)
Release date : 5 jun 2005

This small BT map requires a lot of skills.
You have to jump backwards while firing at holes.

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 26 nov 2004

This is the first BT map I have made.
Master the art of falling.

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 28 dec 2004

This is a huuuuuge BT map.
Quite fun to play for experienced players.
Nice arena too :x

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 9 aug 2005

Easy version of Condominium.
A majority of players should be able to capture it.
There are many places where you cannot die compared to the normal version.

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 31 may 2005

Very easy BT map based on jumping.

Difficulty rating :
Release date : 13 mar 2005

Remake of the famous MountainBase map by Kaplan.
Thanks to him for letting me publish this sequel. :)
Nearly all traps have been changed or extended.
There are also 2 new rooms compared to the original version.

Difficulty rating :
(*) CTF-BT-(TVS)TheXFiles-v2
Release date : 9 aug 2005

Map by my beloved daughter Laura
For the X-Files fanatics only :)

Difficulty rating :